#KLF19: An Exclusive Interview with Nikhil Pradhan

Nikhil Pradhan at Kolkata Literature Festival

Q: Tell us something about your book Cold Truth.

Pradhan: Cold Truth is a thriller, but it is a non-traditional thriller, because the entire story is told through modern ways of communication, the entire story is told through emails and Whatsapp conversations, and surveillance footages. So, at no point in this story do I, the author, come forward and tell you the story. It’s all as if you are experiencing the story itself. So, it’s basically about this girl who goes missing from Delhi, and there is this journalist who is trying to investigate her disappearance, and it soon turns out that the disappearance is linked to something much darker and deeper.
Q: Who or what has inspired you in coming to this field of writing?

Pradhan: I think my primary inspiration has always been Stephen King. I have been a huge Stephen King reader since probably the 7th standard. He is the reason why I wanted to become an author. But I had been writing before that.
Q: What about the new age fiction or new genres that attract the new readers according to you?

Pradhan: I think there are couple of genres that have merged over the last couple of years. One, there is a lot of post-apocalyptic fiction that are coming up or there are many zombie fiction. I think epistolary as a format has kind of come up which is non-traditional way of storytelling, where it is not about “he said”, “she said” but rather telling the story in a way that almost feels like you are watching it through a camera. In India, obviously the flavour of the past decade has been a modern take on mythology. Amish, and others, I guess those are some new genres that have definitely kind of conquered everybody’s minds.
Q: Do you expect films to be made on your books?

Pradhan: I would like to. I think more than an author or writer, I think I am a storyteller. I would love my stories to be told through any possible medium. I am in conversation with a few production houses, in fact, my book has been auctioned for a web series. More details of that will emerge probably the next month or so.
Q: Of all characters that you have created is anyone influenced from your own personal life?
Pradhan: I think, if you go through my book, there are 3-4 main characters, and I think two of those main characters are definitely parts of me.


Interview by Ahona Das




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