#KLF18 Exclusives: An Interview with Tridib Kumar Chatterjee

_MG_3074Q. On being asked if he thinks the effect of Bengali literature has decreased over the past decade:

Mr. Chatterjee states that the effect of Bengali literature has not decreased at all over the past few decades. According to Mr. Tridib Chatterjee, the effects of both English and Bengali literature have improved over the years rather than deteriorating. But Mr. Chatterjee concludes that the urban young generation is more inclined towards English Literature rather than Bengali.

Q. On being asked about the future of Bengali literature:

Mr. Tridib Chatterjee thinks that in the next fifty years the future of Bengali literature is pretty secure. Had the language been restricted to only one state or region, it would have been precarious, he says. But since that is not the case and crores of Bengalis are spread all across the world, with most of them having a hunger to read literature in their mother tongue, one does not need to worry about this language’s future.



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