#KLF18 Exclusives: An Interview with Sabine Wespieser

IMG_2647[1].JPGQ. What is the one point or emotion you keep on searching in every book you read before publishing?

The way of choosing a book is very personal because choosing a book for a publisher means to be able to bring it to the readers, and so you have to be convinced and confirmed 300%. So, in order to be convinced for me, I need to feel the emotion and narration and that would be the reasons why I would be publishing my book.

Q. How would you like if your compilations are translated? Which language would you like it to be translated to first?

It is an obvious answer the language I would want my books to be published and compiled in is English because it is a language that is talked everywhere. It is an official language that is almost known by everyone, for example, India, New Zealand, Africa, Australia and of course the UK. It is almost a universal language and also is the most important language to find readers.

Q. How has Kolkata Literature Festival 2018 been for you?

Oh, I am enjoying Kolkata Literature Festival a lot. I find it really very interesting. This is my first time in Kolkata and I love this city. I find it very lovely and friendly too. It is even very nice to walk the streets as I find the people very welcoming, and also the Book Fair is very interesting, I had a big tour through the Bengali stands, and even though I don’t understand I see the pictures of the writers and I notice what is translated and for me it is very rich.




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