#KLF18 Exclusives: An Interview with Ravinder Singh

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-22 at 2.12.16 AM.jpegQ. Your journey from ‘I Too Had a Love Story’ too ‘The Love that Feels Right’; how has the journey been for you, could you please describe it?

It has been Incredible. I have become an author by chance and I continue to be so by choice. If I had to divide my life into two halves, then my debut novel is the one that marks that boundary between that and this Ravinder Singh. I am incredibly enjoying writing love stories though, it is so much fun.

Q. ‘Love Stories that Touched my Heart’ is a compilation, how overwhelming was it for you to get so many responses?

It was really overwhelming; in fact, the response was so huge that we went ahead with a second volume ‘Tell Me Your Stories’. When the idea first came up, the main aim was to bring about many debut authors under one shot and when I reached out to my publishers with the idea that, there are a lot of debut authors knocking at my door wanting me to help them out. Thus, we proceeded with the idea and we were expecting around 400-500 entries and we ended up with 4500 entries. Out of that huge number we had to cherry pick only 25 and thus went out with the second volume, and there are high chances that we are coming up with a third volume too this year. So, people should be keeping an eye on my Instagram page, where I will be rolling out the same.

Q. Did you ever try writing a short story, how did it turn out?

No, I did not publish them, but I definitely wrote short stories not with an idea to write a book but when I was quitting Infosys. I summed up my journey at Infosys through short stories that I would write on a daily basis from Monday to Friday, and people used to enjoy reading that. Because I used to write on a bulletin board that people used to read from and forward. The idea was never to publish a book, but, yes that was my own collection of short stories.


Q.Do you feel somewhere connected to the fact that there are people who cannot write something happy, as your debut novel was a tragedy, and not many authors do that?

I feel that every author has a USP, there are things that move them, every creative person for that matter, be it director, author, lyricist or a singer- everyone has their own trademark genres. So, the thing is you really need to hold on to the USP, in my case I am a very emotional person, emotions move me so much that I end up writing about them, and I never deny that. I will always come and package those emotions in a different way every time- that is my idea.


Q. How has the experience at Kolkata Literature Festival 2018 been for you?

It reminds me of a place in Delhi. In my mind, I had this idea about Kolkata Book Fair being a huge celebration, but it is overwhelming to see that it is bigger and brighter than what I had imagined totally. And I am excited and yet to see and explore this huge celebration of literature.



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