Best Places to Have Hot Chocolate in Calcutta for Christmas

‘Tis the Season! And Calcutta needs to warm up for the festivities as the chilly northern winds sweep the city. And what can be better than some Hot Chocolate to keep yourself heated up for this Christmas and New Year! Calcutta Cacophony hopped around the city and found out some very good places to have some good hot chocolate.

1. The Brewich Café

This cafe provides you with Hot Chocolate just at ₹ 70. While you are at it, don’t forget to try their Chicken Hangover Burger, or Chicken Sliders!

2. Mrs. Magpie

Homemade Chocolate, therefore, homemade Large Hot Chocolate! Priced at ₹ 140, do not miss their special Christmas Platter when you’re here.

3. Sienna Cafe

Ask for Hot Chocolate, and Sienna shall provide. A place very popular for its desserts, ask for price at the cafe when you order this richness for your tastebuds! Oh, and their Stuffed Capsicum and Tuna Sandwich can do wonders on a winter evening.

4. Cafe HQ

Assemble, geeks and foodies! Superheroes are making it big on the Silver Screen and now on the Hot Chocolate Scene too. A variety of hot chocolates are on the menu, with interesting names, and have a nerdgasm and foodgasm simultaneously as you sip in the oh, the goodness.

Get the Kryptonic Chilli Hot Chocolate and Black Widow’s Creamy Hot Chocolate for ₹ 140 each. The Amazonian Hot Chocolate is for ₹ 120.

5. First Flush

The smooth, aesthetic, chocolate blended with Christmas Spirit, tantalizes your mouth, and all you can do here, is take a bite of the popular Bacon Cheese Bombs, to make a Christmas Evening complete. Ask for prices!


6. Wakeup Cafe

Try their Chicken Fingers, French Fries, but do not miss out on the delicious Hot Chocolate at Wakeup Cafe. And the fun bit; its priced at just ₹ 70!

7. Piccadilly Square

Ask for Hot Chocolate at this place and you are spoiled for choices. They provide the customers with a variety of them, including Normal Hot Chocolate, Hazelnut Hot Chocolate, and Single Origin Hot Chocolate from Madagascar, priced at ₹ 145, ₹180, and ₹175. And, for white chocolate lovers, they have a White Hot Chocolate as well!

So Calcutta, do not miss out on these Hot Chocolate places this Winter. And Calcutta Cacophony wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Compilation By- Rupsa Pal and Shubham Roy Choudhury.

Special thanks to Anurag Mazumder and Pubarun Basu.


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