This Calcutta Bistro Serves a No Junk Chocolate Cake, Time to Start Eating Healthy!

Have you gained an extra pound or two by eating continuous junk food but do not want to stop eating it either? Well, you are in luck because Kolkata has now become the proud parent of a food junction that serves no junk. And it is called the No Junktion Bistro. Nice pun, right?
The No Junktion Bistro was started by the entrepreneur Soham Ghosh and it has its own inspirational story. Soham, in his teenage years was morbidly obese. But then he realised that in order to live healthy and longer he had to stay fit. But the question was did he have to give up on all the junk food to achieve his goal? The No Junktion Bistro ponders on this very question and the answer that it gives us is very favourable. It tells us that it is possible to make junk food healthy. How? Read on.
Once the guests enter they are served with a wide assortment of food items from the menu. The most asked-for dishes are Lebanese Kabsa, Spaghetti Limonato, No Junkman Mashed Chicken Burger. The burger for example is made with whole grain bread, low fat cheese, and sweet potatoes served alongside as fries instead of the normal potatoes. The dip served is home-made hummus instead of ketchup. Skinny Iced Coffee, Whole Wheat Cookie Cocoa, No Whey Protein Punch, Herb Lemonade were among the drinks which are served. Brown sugar or honey are used as sweetening agents unless asked otherwise. Desserts like the Quinoa Chocolate Cake are eggless and topped with quinoa. If you are wondering whether healthy eating will cost you the taste, you are wrong, the food is very palatable.
Located at 4A Purna Das Road, Hindustan Park, it is at present the only cafe of its kind in Kolkata. Small and cosy with attractive wall art and interior designing complete with cool posters, it is a delight to the eyes. Pocket pinch for two is around Rs 800. Soham believes that a healthy body comes through a healthy mind. The cafe has food psychiatrists who can guide the customers who are concerned about eating healthy.
If taste and health goes side by side on your priority list, the No Junktion Bistro should be on your immediate to-visit list.


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