Kotaro Takura Kolkata Tour

Fellow Calcuttans! Winter is coming and sadly Jon Snow won’t be back till the next season of Game of Thrones. But don’t worry folks because Redbull is here to help you enjoy an eventful winter. Like every other year, they are back again with fun activities for all the youngsters out there armed with swag and confidence.This  time they bring to town a talent unmatched- a man with skills and an attitude worth a hoot and a half. Redbull proudly presents – the finest Football Freestyler  –
One of Japan’s premier freestylers Kotaro Tokuda, better known as “Tokura” among the FF afficionados  , started off way back, when he was just a kid in sixth grade. That’s right, the man owned them moves when merely a kid of eleven. An unfortunate injury , however posed as a setback. But as it turns out, nothing could draw him back from his success. Hence he turned onto freestyling and from then on he found his calling. He went on to win the Red Bull Street Style Japan Final(while still in high school) and then three years later won the accolade of the Freestyle World Champion.  Astonishing trivia aside, the man’s into hip hop , skateboarding and freestyle dance, and cites Sean Garnier as his role model. So if Redbull gives you wings, Tokura sure knows how to fly high and have a good time when he is not showing off his mad skills on ground.
Fellow ballers of the town – it’s time to get ready to garner tips and tricks of the trade at the workshop that will be conducted. There will be innovative activities and an interactive session to help the audience get into the groove of balling. The workshop will be followed by a showcase later the same evening. This event should get your squad buzzing as Tokura takes over to perform in front of a live audience. So, get ready to be mesmerized by his footwork and agility – that has led to his meteoric rise in the balling circuit and is an inspiration to all. Watch the man work his magic this 10th at the Acropolis Mall . Block them dates because there’s a showstopper in  town – and it’s not everyday you get to see a maestro in action up close and personal.
Get your gang and join the fun!

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