It’s raining Popsicles at the Tea Trove

Kolkata monsoons are not just about the norwesters and Illish Maach for a Bengali. Kolkata has it’s own humidity woes too. Before the rain Gods decide to hit the shower button on us, Kolkata is in the state of sweat and stink both being directly proportional to each other. In the midst of all this, the people of Kolkata needs getting refreshed and of course staying healthy.

The Tea Trove has just the answer for all of us. They have come out with fresh and cool flavours of popsicles. The popsicles are in the form of some of the most quirky flavours like the Triple Berry, Nutella Kitkat, Virgin Mojito, fruit cake, Chocolate peanut butter, Churan & Popcorn are just a few to name. These will not just make your tastes buds happy but it will not burn a hole in your pocket too.

Some of the flavours which we tried out…

  • Triple Berry-A mix of three berries making the right combination to create a fantastic popsicle. Highly recommendable by us.
  • Chocolate Praline – A subtle chocolate taste so that there is no overdose of the sweetness.
  • Popcorn- This Popsicle has a taste of butter popcorn which is an innovative flavour to try.
  • Paan and Tiramisu- Some of the more flavours available at Tea Trove.

Where will you find these Popsicles?

  • South City Mall , Prince Anwar Shah Road.
  • City Centre 1, Sector 1, Salt Lake.
  • Acropolis Mall, Kasba.
  • Rajarhat, New Town.

Takeaways from Tea Trove

  • Good service
  • Variety of flavours
  • Quality of the product is very good
  • Reasonably priced


The pocket pinch for this place is Rs.250 approximately for two.

P.S- you can even get home delivered from Zomato at a 15% off.

Text By- Roshni Bose


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