Loss Vs Gain in the world of Love


With the 14 days of love in this month, the world has been divided into people who enjoyed these special days with their significant other and the rest who tried hard to ignore the love that was being thrust upon them. When a friend of ours behaves all smitten by the love bug, we wonder if it is the work of the cupid who has been kind on her or that the hormones gone into a tizzy!

From Psychologist Zick Rubin to Robert Sternberg’s Triangular Theory of Love, I tried to reason out Love and understand it logically. But then again my mind kept wandering to Karan Johar’s and all of the Romedy Now movies which I end up watching every night. It doesn’t really make any sense how the Hero finds the Heroine in the end and that they are so perfect for each other(also perfect in terms of their chiseled body and their perfect hair… ) With such high expectations from the virtual world and such normal lives which most of us lead, I can almost hear hope shattering into millions of pieces.

But taking into consideration, Daniel Kahneman’s Prospect Theory where he explains that losses loom larger than the gains. It is true, We are more disappointed about our losses than being excited about our achievements. So all the Singles feel bitter about being single on Valentine’s Day than the couples who are celebrating their love but don’t value their’s. Singles moan and put up a brave face ruing the fact that they don’t have a partner. So next time when you try to comfort that ‘single’ friend of yours for being dejected in love, take heed.

Processed with VSCO

Text by Roshni Bose

Picture by Sunny Mondal and Anouska Dutta


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