A letter to Mr. Mood

Dear Mood,

I have often wondered if I could master the art of controlling you. You seem to surprise me each and every time. Just when I think I am all grown up and the universe cannot mess with me again, I encounter conflict within me. I realize my emotions are a vulnerable part of me. The moment when I want to be happy for my friend for her new tryst with love, pangs of jealousy, sadness seep into me. Mr. Mood, your zodiac sign must be a Gemini. Gemini’s have multiple personality. So for a moment when I think you are this fun loving person, you immediately change to a person who gets disgusted before you can say Jack Robinson.

Mr. Mood, is it true that like a typical Bengali you have a nickname, you are called Feelings by some and Emotions by people close to you. Like a Bengali, I am sure you have been embarrassed and utterly confused with all the names you have been called.

Like the different seasons of Kolkata including the alarming global warming weather change of Kolkata, I have seen all your moods. Even the burst of emotions like the Kalboishakhis of Kolkata on a hot sultry evening, you Mr. Mood have surprised us all. When I make judgmental decisions and determine you to be a fun loving person, you immediately snap me out of my illusion and prove to be a brooder the next minute.


Sigmund Freud, Malcolm Gladwell and Daniel Kahneman have all tried to encrypt your mysterious personality. But you seem to be just like the Spirit of Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station. The more people talk about you, you get more mysterious.

I will try to get in your good books till then you need to practise zen…..


Yours truly,

Roshni Bose

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