“You fight like a girl!”

“You fight like a girl!”

This is now more of a compliment than an insult thanks to our champion athletes. They not just made India proud by uniting it to pray for them. But these spirited women also paved the way for many aspiring young and old who have a dream and have been shunned and suppressed. Yes, I am talking about the spunky Girls P.V. Sindhu, Sakshi Malik, Dipa Karmakar and Another star in her field, Aditi Ashok, an 18-year-old from the southern city of Bengaluru, the youngest contender in the women’s golf contest. This victory is for those whose dreams, which people laughed at… These women united families watching a match in their drawing room that isn’t cricket and isn’t played by men. They paved the way for many young dreamers in India to be interested in a sport which is not worshipped in our country.

 This victory was a blow to all the Sports Officials who went on a holiday along with their families to Rio were grabbing more eyeballs. They thought it was all fun and games(pun definitely intended.) The Sports minister Vijay Goel earned himself a bad name for his aggressive and rude behavior. Goel was also reported on entering out-of-access areas and clicking selfies with athletes. Shobha Rajadhyaksha aka Shobhaa De is an Indian journalist, columnist and author. She is famous for her writings which are usually based on socialites and for being malicious. She tweeted about the Indian athletes going to the Olympics to eat good food and click selfies.

 The challenges which our Indian athletes have to face, starts from the first hurdle of choosing a sport as a career over being a MBBS or an Engineer which the society approves of. The hurdles become higher as the roads become narrow for the athletes of our country. For a women athlete of India the odds are against her. India’s wrestling brave heart Sakshi Malik belongs to Haryana which is notorious for its lopsided gender ratio. The last national census told a nasty secret of Haryana that for every 1,000 boys aged up to 6 years old, the state had an average of just 834 girls, an imbalance blamed on prenatal sex screening and female feticide.

 I am proud of our Athletes who represented India in Rio, the women in particular. I almost feel my heart swell up in pride to see them all with our tricolor. Considering the male dominated society which they come from, fighting against all the prejudices, strife and complexities. These girls did a commendable job and their feat was a slap across the face for all those who ever sneered and sniggered at their dreams.

Thank you Girls…More power to you..

Ballygunge Pally Sarbojanin Durgotsav will have their theme this year as Olympics in Kolkata.

Text by Roshni Bose

Image Courtesy: Google



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  1. Shrinjan Banerjee says:

    Thanks to this trio for leaving a mark in the Rio Olympic. It’s an alarm to all the Indians that women too are capable of grabbing medal in sports an making India proud. Congrats girls!!!
    You guys have brought a new revolution….


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